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Piledriver 20thAnniversary BR2CD Cover FrontFollowing their third album "BROTHERS IN BOOGIE" which was released in autumn 2016 and greeted with glowing enthusiasm by both the media and the fans, PILEDRIVER now put another log on the fire and are going to release a double live CD + Blu-ray on June 9th, 2017, demonstrating again why the band have become firmly established on stage over the years.

The concert was recorded during the album pre-release show in October 2015 at the Stadthalle Wattenscheid. They did not skimp on anything. The big stage show captivates due to an elaborate light show, LED screens, a dynamic camera work and an enjoyable editing rhythm - all in all being a lot of fun over 100 minutes. The Blu-ray features several extras like the latest two video clips, a studio report about the recording of the latest album and a slide-show of the concert as well as a brand-new studio track "Julia" being released exclusively as a bonus track on both CD and Blu-ray.

Of course, the track list presents an exciting mix between the band's own songs and Status Quo classics, i. a. "Down Down", "Rockin' All Over The World", "Whatever You Want" and "Caroline" which fit wonderfully into the flow of the show. The concert was mastered by Stefan Kaufmann (ex-U.D.O., ex-ACCEPT) who knows how to stage the band's pumping and powerful rock sound.

Celebrating the Blu-ray and double live CD release, the band will go on tour in autumn this year to present their energetic classic rock show to old fans and a new audience. At the moment, they are already working hard together with their producer Stefan Kaufmann on the "BIB" follow-up album "ROCKWALL" which will be released late 2017. Thus, it is clear: This year, there is no way around PILEDRIVER!

New album "BROTHERS IN BOOGIE" is finished off!

...and finally: It´s done!!! Our new album "BROTHERS IN BOOGIE" is finished off now. 13 new songs and 2 Bonus tracks, the total running time is about 70 minutes.

There is a german saying "if it takes long enough it will be all right in the end". Well, we hope so - the decision is up to you. Here is a brand new video clip filmed at the recording studio. And you can listen to the album opener: "ONE WAY TO ROCK" - we hope you dig it as much as we loved producing it for you! Please like and share - we need your support!! More information soon - stay tuned...

Here´s the video clip with english subtitles:

December 2013

Happy Holidays to ev´rybody! Just before we start to lighten the tree we´d like to give a life sign and a "christmas present" to all our friends and of course to those of the "FRANTIC FOUR"...

Just in case these words are read by somebody who´s under the age of 40: The members of the original STATUS QUO-line-up" are called the "FRANTIC FOUR"...;-)

As we´ve already told you in August the work on a new PILEDRIVER album is in progress, and it´s bound to be released in early summer 2014.

15-tracks are recorded in a demo-version so far; drums and bassguitars exist already in the final versions. Initially we intended to record an album consisting only of self-penned original PILEDRIVER numbers, but then a few weeks ago Peter and  me stumbled across "Don´t think it matters", a song that was published on the 1974 QUO-album, written by Alan Lancaster and Rick Parfitt. To us it´s a real "jewel" because it shows the "hard edge" of the "real Quo". A track that is not as popular as it deserves...

So we made our minds up and reworked this little masterpiece of rock music; we attached an "intro" that lasts about 2 minutes to use this for our upcoming shows. "Don´t think it matters" will be the opener of the "2014 season".

As it happens – the song we started working on last is the first one finished. But it´s only a "rough mix"; for the final album verson it has to be polished a bit more in terms of sound...

Well, we hope you all like our latest recording – it should be heard at maximum volume, of course...

You´ll find the song here.

All the best to you, your buddies and families – we´ll let you know when there´s news about our upcoming album and PILEDRIVER gigs.

Between March 18th and April 12th you´ll probably meet us at one of the FF-gigs across Europe. Then we´ll remember what it was like to go to a SQ-concert in 1978/1979 – very exciting...

Merry xmas ev´rybody - cheers, Michael


August 2013

Hi there everybody and welcome to our new website!

Yes - PILEDRIVER is still alive and kicking - in deed we took a break for some 18 months but never spent a thought about giving up what we love to do... After 18 years of playing constantly nearly the same set (which is obviously the inevitable fate for "tribute acts") we needed to do some different musical stuff. Amazing there are bands who are able to play the same string of songs  for 40 plus x years...;-)

Very nice to hear and to read on various websites that there is still some interest in what we´re doing and what we recorded a few years back. 

I´m glad to be able to tell you that at the moment we are busy working on songs for a new album that will contain self penned stuff only, but you might recognize who inspired us... Yes, we´re Frantic-four-only-fans and you might hear that when you listen to the sound samples which you can find on these sites.



Since we heard the first bits of the "Bula"-album we started to work harder and more frequently because we don´t want to wait any longer for a "real" SQ-album. We try our best and do it on our own. As soon as we have final versions of the new records we wil place a few bits and bytes on our website.



On September 14th we do our first gig after the break, here´s the website you´ll find more information about the festival that´s going to happen in the netherlands:




In case you always wanted to buy some of the material we released through the years but did not know how to get hold of our stuff - well, just drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell me what we can get for you. 

Here´s what we still have in stock:

1. CD "PILEDRIVER" – our first album from 1997, content: Covers of famous SQ-tunes and three original (self-penned) songs, Price: 10 Euros

2. CD "HI" – Maxi from 2003, contains 5 songs, Price: 7 Euros

3. CD"PILES of ROCK" from 2004, Price: 15 Euros

4. DVD "PD live in concert" (Stadthalle Bochum, Germany on the 01st of April 2000), Price: 15 Euros

5. Various merchandise (shirts, mugs, caps...)

Take your time visiting these sites, enjoy the pics, the sound samples and of course the various video clips.

If you have ever been to one of our gigs you might have made a few clips or taken some pics, too. We would like to ask you to mail your stuff to our email-address so we can upload it on our website to make it available to everybody!

Thanks for visiting our sites and watch this space - there will be news shortly!

Cheers, Michael





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