The PILEDRIVER story started back in 1995 when the band was founded by Michael Sommerhoff ("Rick Parfitt") and Peter Wagner ("Francis Rossi"). Being fans of the original STATUS QUO line-up (also referred to as the "Frantic Four") they weren´t very fond of the releases after the final "Frantic Four"-album "Never too late" in 1981. The "Thirsty work"-CD from 1994 was the "momentum" for their decision to kick off a "tribute-band" which wasn´t bound just to reproduce popular tracks of other people but to develop self written material in the very much appreciated "FF-style", the sound the original SQ once stood for and that secured them their place in rock history.

In the years following 1995 PILEDRIVER played many shows in different european countries and recorded 3 albums:

1997: PILEDRIVER - the first album that consisted mainly of new versions of famous SQ-tunes but also had three tracks written by Michael and Peter;

2000: HI! - an "EP" containing 5 songs; among those were thundering hard-rockin´ versions of "Wild side of life" und "Blue eyed lady";

2004: PILES OF ROCK - an album consisting of 11 tracks; 9 of these were written by Michael and Peter.

Working painstakingly on the arrangement details of the songs and the authenticity of their stage act PILEDRIVER established their reputation as the "preservers" of the legacy of the (FF-) STATUS QUO.

Critics say about PILEDRIVER: "STATUS QUO-classics of the 1970´s are brought back to life; "Piledriver " play and act the way the originals did at the peak of their career". 

The official German STATUS QUO-Fanclub wrote in one of their magazine-issues: "Wir, als offizieller deutscher STATUS QUO-Fanclub, empfehlen "Piledriver" ausdrücklich. Die Band besticht durch absolute Professionalität, strotzt nur so vor Spielfreude und bietet eine gigantische Live-Performance!" We try to translate that in English: "The official German STATUS QUO-Fanclub recommends "Piledriver ". The band is absolutely professional and they obviously enjoy what the´re doing and playing; they´re offering a gigantic performance to their audience!"

After 15 years of stage work PILEDRIVER decided to take some time off of their being SQ-tribute-act by the end of 2011. After playing different kind of music in different kind of bands for a while they came back together in 2013 to write and record new material for another PILEDRIVER"-CD. At the moment (August 2013) the work on the new album is in progress and approximately will be finished by the end of the year, and of course the band will play gigs following the release of the new album.

PILEDRIVER are: Peter Wagner, lead guitar and vocals ("Francis Rossi"), Michael Sommerhoff, rhythm guitar and vocals ("Rick Parfitt"), Hans in 't Zandt, Drums ("John Coghlan"), Andreas Müller, bass guitar ("Alan Lancaster"), Rudi Peeters, keyboards ("Andrew Bown").


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